Sheikh Ahamed



Sheikh Ahamed is a fourth-year commerce student at Memorial University, on track to graduate in Fall 2024.

Born in Bangladesh, he harbours aspirations to imprint a lasting influence on the corporate and investment sectors of both Canada and his homeland. Intricacies of business operation, revenue generation and technology are his top interests. He successfully established and ran a flourishing ethnic grocery store in Scarborough, Ont., boasting a physical and digital presence. Sheikh is intrinsically drawn towards leadership and community involvement. He is also vice-president of the International Business Society at Memorial.

Sheikh aspires to dive into the capital markets post-graduation, leveraging his knowledge and skills. He plans to pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification, with a long-term vision of studying law, specializing in corporate and financial law to position himself at the confluence of finance, law and business innovation. Beyond career pursuits, his affinities are photography, travel, reading, philosophy and music.