Course changes

The University Calendar is the final authority on all matters related to program curriculum, continuance, graduation requirements and more.

Information about the new B.Comm. and B.Comm.(Co-op.) programs is expected to be available in the calendar in Spring 2022. Until such time, students may use our website as a guide. For more information, students may contact an academic advisor at

The following changes will be implemented as of Fall 2022.

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Business One courses: 

  • BUSI 1000: Introduction to Business in Society
  • ECON 1010: Introduction to Microeconomics I
  • ECON 1020: Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • MATH 1000: Calculus I
  • 6 credit hours in English, 3 credit hours of which may be replaced by any critical reading and writing (CRW) course at Memorial
  • 12 additional credit hours in non-business electives

New core courses:

  • BUSI 2011: Business Writing
  • BUSI 2012: Business Professionalism
  • BUSI 2205: Introduction to Marketing*
  • BUSI 2720: Business Computer Applications
  • BUSI 4720: Business Analytics
  • BUSI 5001: Strategic Management**

Additional core courses:
(Text in italics denotes courses that have been re-numbered.)

  • BUSI 1000: Introduction to Business and Society
  • BUSI 2111: Introductory Financial Accounting (formerly BUSI 1101)
  • BUSI 2112: Introductory Management Accounting (formerly BUSI 2101)
  • BUSI 2600: Entrepreneurial Thinking and Behaviour (formerly BUSI 1600)
  • BUSI 3005: Business Law I (formerly BUSI 4000)
  • BUSI 3310: Organizational Behaviour
  • BUSI 3325: Human Resource Management (formerly BUSI 4320)
  • BUSI 3335: Labour Relations (formerly BUSI 4330)
  • BUSI 3401: Operations Management
  • BUSI 3550: Financial Management I (formerly BUSI 4500)
  • BUSI 3700: Information Systems
  • BUSI 4306: International Business

New mandatory professional development courses (non-credit):

  • BUSI 200W: Business Professional Development I
  • BUSI 400W: Business Professional Development II
  • BUSI 500W: Business Professional Development III

Courses formerly part of the core that are transitioning to electives:

  • BUSI 2400: Decision Modelling
  • BUSI 2710: Modelling and Implementing Business Processes
  • BUSI 5301: Organizational Theory

Revised courses:

  • *BUSI 1210: Introduction to Marketing Strategy and BUSI 2210: Introduction to Marketing Tactics will merge into one, three-credit hour course: BUSI 2205: Introduction to Marketing
  • **BUSI 4050: Strategic Management I and BUSI 7000: Strategic Management II will merge into one, three-credit hour course: BUSI 5001: Strategic Management
  • BUSI 4306 (formerly BUSI 5302): International Business moves from an elective to a core course