Chair in entrepreneurship


Dr. Alex Stewart,
chair in entrepreneurship

The chair in entrepreneurship at Memorial University helps build expertise in an area that’s critical to the culture and economy of Newfoundland and Labrador and, through teaching and curriculum innovation and excellence, will help ensure that the next generation of business leaders is ready to meet existing and future challenges in the global business environment.

Dr. Alex Stewart is the inaugural chair in entrepreneurship at Memorial University. The purpose of this chair is to build research capacity in the field of entrepreneurship, lead research aimed at better understanding and contributing to the health of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and provide academic leadership of entrepreneurship-related activities in the province. Because of this focus, Dr. Stewart is also working to advance the hands-on and action-relevant qualities of the entrepreneurial curriculum. He does this in collaboration with colleagues and with the Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship and Centre for Social Enterprise.

Dr. Stewart has a background in anthropological field methods and connections with the applied field of business anthropology. His expertise in field methods is reflected in this book, The Ethnographer’s Method, and his field-based book Team Entrepreneurship. Dr. Stewart’s research in the province will be fieldwork based. It has two main aims. One is to uncover and promote the stories of innovative and creative entrepreneurs in Newfoundland and Labrador. The other is to learn, based on findings in the field, opportunities for these entrepreneurs to better realize the market potential of their works.