Thinking globally

Mar 10th, 2021

Marium Oishee

Thinking globally

A Memorial graduate student has helped a local company expand into European markets with support from the Husky Centre.

Engineer and consultant Paul Bassler (B.Eng. ’99, P.Eng) works closely with clients to support them in solving technical and regulatory problems in the areas of medical technology, industrial automation and product development at PASB Technical Solutions Inc.

“I particularly enjoy working with companies outside of Canada as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that need assistance with commercializing their products,” he said.

Mr. Bassler is currently pursuing a master of business administration (MBA) degree at Memorial University.

“As an engineer and a consultant, I felt strongly that I needed to complement my technical skills with business management skills,” he said. “Pursuing my MBA at Memorial is providing a great opportunity to learn the applicable theory and techniques and connect with like-minded students in the program.”

Tapping international markets

When Mr. Bassler was presented with an opportunity to assist an established local multinational information technology (IT) company, Compusult, with its expansion into the European market, he took up the challenge as he had prior international experience in Europe and works with clients and business partners around the world.

“If we can encourage all Newfoundland and Labrador companies to think globally from inception, this will really help our economy become more diversified and resilient.” – Paul Bassler

He’s convinced that Canada’s, and especially Newfoundland and Labrador’s, future economic prosperity depends on the ability to tap international markets in the new knowledge economy through sectors such as IT, automation, environmental technology and healthcare.

“[Compusult] is involved in several of those areas and has tremendous potential to put Newfoundland and Labrador on the global map as a provider of forward-thinking, progressive technology solutions,” he said.

With the support of Mitacs and Memorial’s Husky Centre of Excellence in Sales and Supply Chain Management, Mr. Bassler helped research and advise Compusult’s growth plan.

He says the project allowed him to apply knowledge and skills recently acquired in courses related to international business, corporate strategy and marketing.

“[It] was a rewarding opportunity to put these skills into practice for the benefit of a local company.”

‘Incredible opportunities’

When asked what the key takeaway was from this project, Mr. Bassler was positive.

“There are incredible opportunities in the global marketplace that small and medium-sized enterprises can take advantage of with the right planning and support. If we can encourage all Newfoundland and Labrador companies to think globally from inception, this will really help our economy become more diversified and resilient.”

Sarah Teo, Husky Centre manager, echoes this sentiment and strives to continue creating meaningful opportunities and experiences for undergraduate and graduate business students at Memorial.

“Our students and faculty are here to provide Newfoundland and Labrador companies with the planning and support they need to deliver results and succeed globally,” she said.

Interested in getting involved with Husky Centre and its client companies? Contact Ms. Teo at for more information.