Build Your Experience FAQs

Who are the Experience Navigators?

Experience Navigators accept individual or group appointments through the Navigate App and guide students through what their Experience might look like, using the themes as a guide. They are senior students, the gurus who know everything there is to know, how students can get involved across campus, throughout their programme, outside of their programme, and within the community. .


How many themes are there?

There are nine themes right now that you can explore, and you can choose to take any of the experiences from different themes, if you choose. There is no fixed path, only what makes sense to you.  


How often should I meet with my Experience Navigator?

 You can meet with an Experience Navigator whenever you have any questions about how to deepen your engagement and experiences.


Can my Experience Navigator help me pick my courses?

 No, Experience Navigators are not qualified to help you pick your courses. Please reach out to the Academic Advising Office or book an appointment online through Navigate.  


What topics will be discussed during our first meeting?

 First, Experience Navigators will ask you about your current interests, what you are curious about, and what you may want to explore. Second, they may ask you what your intentions are for your degree or life in general. Third, what makes you feel happy and fulfilled as an individual. Fourthly, the Experience Navigator will show you various themes that may spark your interest based on what you have previously discussed.  


Is it okay if I do not know what interests me?

 Absolutely! Book an appointment with an Experience Navigator and they can show you various opportunities that are available at Memorial University. These opportunities may spark an interest that you may want to pursue.   


Can my Experience Navigator help me find a theme that interests me?  

 Yes, new incoming students will have the opportunity to meet with Experience Navigators to help guide them through planning, designing, and exploring their intentional student involvement opportunities


Is it okay to change my theme later on?  

 Yes, your interests will change as you progress throughout University, so it makes sense to check in and see what interests you as you find your fit..


How can I book an appointment?

 Drop by ASK 3005 or book an online or in-person appointment through the Navigate app or through your browser.

  1. Log into Navigate with your MUN credentials.
  2. Under "Explore" on the main menu, click "Appointments"
  3. Click the blue button that says "Click Here To Book a Virtual Appointment."
  4. Select "Campus Involvement, Student Experience, Finding Your Way" from the first drop-down menu.
  5. Select Building your Experience- One on One
  6. Choose a date and time that works for you and click "Schedule" at the bottom of the page to confirm your meeting.