Get to know Student Life at Memorial

Student learning and engagement are the responsibilities of the entire university community. Every day, students interact with faculty, staff and peers across campus, creating distinctive opportunities for learning to occur. From the classroom to the dining hall, from libraries to leadership programs, Memorial University presents a multitude of touchpoints with students.

Student Life contributes to Memorial’s Teaching and Learning Framework by enhancing comprehensive student supports, revitalizing new student experiences through a revamped year-long orientation program, reinvigorating career development programs and maximizing informal learning opportunities and interactions between faculty, students and staff. Many of our volunteer programs and experiential learning opportunities are also integrated into the Public Engagement Framework.

Central to our work is both a commitment to integrated learning and a focus on student thriving. These concepts are foundational for student success in the 21st century and can cultivate a distinctive student experience. Students who are fully engaged – intellectually, socially and emotionally – succeed in university. By intentionally cultivating learning environments that foster student thriving, universities can boost retention rates and deepen student learning and engagement.

Our strategic plan is student-centred and focused on a more integrated learning experience for students. We also have a comprehensive and robust assessment plan in place to ensure accountability and continuous improvement.