Academic Accommodations

Academic Accommodations may be implemented in order to reduce or remove barriers faced by students as a result of a disability and may be applied to your learning and evaluation in an academic program or particular course, and/or, to university activities and services.

An academic accommodation is a change or extension of university resources, or of teaching or evaluation procedures, designed to meet the particular need of a student with a disability while maintaining academic integrity of the course, program, or assignment and ability to demonstrate acquisition of the body of knowledge or the skill required for passing a course and/or completing an academic program as determined by the academic unit subject to all university regulations.

All requests for accommodation (e.g., additional time to write a test) are based on documented need. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting an academic accommodation to provide the necessary documentation to the Blundon Centre.

Accommodations are assessed on an individual basis, and include:

Our guidelines for accommodations provide more information to assist students, instructors, and staff in understanding, developing and implementing accommodation requests. Please contact the Blundon Centre for specific questions.

How to request accommodations on the St. John's Campus

Step 1: Request an Intake Meeting

Student with disabilities who require accommodations to improve or ensure their access to education while studying at Memorial University can email or call Accessibility Service (Blundon Centre) for an intake appointment with an Accessibility Advisor.  In that meeting you can discuss your access or disability-related needs with the Advisor.

Step 2: Provide Supporting Documentation

Students must provide  to the that specifies the nature of their disability, including a diagnosis, functional limitation and, where appropriate some specific recommendations for accommodations. Your Advisor will review your documentation and discuss options with you at the intake meeting.  

Step 3: Send Letters of Accommodations to course instructors

Once you are registered with our office, and have accommodations recorded in your file, you will be required to send those Letters of Accommodation to your instructors.  You do this using the Clockwork web portal.  See the tutorials below on how to use that portal to request your letters be sent to you instructors.

Step 4: Book Accommodated Test

If you require accommodations for testing, you can book any tests or exams through the same Clockwork portal.  See the short video tutorial below to learn more about how to book tests and exams.  It is important to note that all tests have to be booked two weeks in advance of the test date.  Final exams are required to be booked four weeks before the start of the final exam period.  Please pay close attention to the booking deadlines to ensure we can accommodate your booking request.


Using Clockwork to support your accommodation needs

Clockwork is Memorial University's student accommodation database program.  Clockwork allows students to: 

  • Send accommodation letters to their instructors
  • Book accommodated tests and exams, and
  • Book appointments with their Accessibility Advisor

For students that are registered with Accessibility Services (Blundon Centre) and want to use their accommodations, it is important that they use Clockwork every semester to send their accommodation letters to their instructors and to book tests and exams.

Below are a series of helpful videos to assist you with navigating the Clockwork portal.  

Accommodations for online courses

Accommodations are available for students with disabilities who are taking online courses through CITL.

Students should request academic accommodations for online courses through the  and provide the . The Centre will work with CITL to arrange accommodations for the student's online course.

Students can find information about the dates, times and room numbers for online exams and tests by checking:

  • The D2L/Brightspace page for the specific online course - go to the Online Course Checklist and then Exam Information or
  • The Distance Education menu in Self Service - then go to the Exam Schedule.