Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are these scholarships for the current year or next year?

A: The scholarships are for the current year.

Q: Do I need a letter of recommendation?

A: No. Submission of the online form is all that is required to apply.

Q: What do I write in the major field if I have not chosen one yet?

A: If you have not yet declared a major, please write 'undeclared' in the major field. 

Q: Am I eligible for any of these scholarships if I am in my first year?

A: It depends on the scholarship. Students should check each scholarship description for eligibility criteria. Some scholarships are based on last year's grades and, therefore, are stated to be for students in at least second year.

Q: Am I eligible for a scholarship if I am taking fewer than 10 courses this year?

A: Eligible candidates must meet all criteria listed and be registered full-time or in a recognized work term in order to receive their scholarship/bursary/award unless otherwise stated in the terms of reference. Scholarship standing is required for all scholarships. For 2023/24 there is a revised definition for scholarship standing for undergraduate students.   

Q: I'm thinking about transferring to another faculty. Am I still eligible for these scholarships?

A: Yes. As these scholarships are for the current year, you may apply as long as you are currently a science student.

Q: Does it matter if I use the same description to apply for each scholarship?

A: Some scholarships indicate specific criteria within their descriptions and, in that case, students should address those criteria in their statement. Otherwise it is fine to use the same statement. 

Q: I accidentally included my personal email address, not my email on my application. Should I resubmit?

A: There is no need to resubmit. We can obtain your email based on your student number.

Q: Are international students eligible for these scholarships?

A: Some of the listed scholarships indicate they are to be awarded to students based on certain criteria -- such as, the student must be from Labrador, or a graduate of a high school in rural Newfoundland and Labrador. If the scholarship description does not indicate such criteria it would be available to an international student. 

If you have additional questions, please email