Award and Honour Recipients

President's Award for Outstanding Research

2019 - Scott MacLachlan, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2018 - Ronald Haynes, Department of Mathematics and Statistics 
2016 - Christopher Rowley, Department of Chemistry
2015 - Steve Piercey, Department of Earth Sciences
2010 - Marco Merkli, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Terra Nova Young Innovator

2016 - Dr. Michael Katz, Department of Chemistry
2015 - Penny Morrill, Department of Earth Sciences
2011 - Chris Kozak, Department of Chemistry

University Research Professor


Fereidoon Shahidi
John (Sean) Brosnan
Sailen Mookerjea


Richard Haedrich
Gordon Bennett


Graham Bodwell
Raymond Poirier
Peter Pickup
Laurence Thompson

Computer Science

Wolfgang Banzhaf

Earth Sciences

Ali Aksu
John Hanchar
Jeremy Hall
Michael Rochester
David Strong
Harold Williams

Mathematics and Statistics 

David Pike
Jie Xiao
Xiaoqiang Zhao
Brajendra Sutradhar
Yuri Bahturin
Danny Summers
Eric Jespers
Hermann Brunner

Ocean Sciences

Paul Snelgrove
Chris Parrish
Richard Rivkin

Physics and Physical Oceanography

Tran Gien
Maynard Clouter
Harry Kiefte


Mary Courage
Carole Peterson
William Montevecchi
Robert Adamec

John Lewis Paton Distinguished University Professorship

Bill Montevecchi, Department of Psychology
John (Sean) Brosnan, Department of Biochemistry

Dean of Science Distinguished Emerging Scholar

J. Kim Welford, Department of Earth Sciences
Michael Katz, Department of Chemistry

Dean of Science Distinguished Scholar Medal

Matthew Rise, Department of Ocean Sciences
Fereidoon Shahidi, Department of Biochemistry
Annie Mercier, Department of Ocean Sciences
Peter Pickup, Department of Chemistry
Aimée Surprenant, Department of Psychology
Fran Kerton, Department of Chemistry
John Hanchar, Department of Earth Sciences
Jeremy Hall, Department of Earth Sciences
Graham Bodwell, Department of Chemistry 

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Carole Peterson, Department of Psychology
Danny Summers, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
John (Sean) Brosnan, Department of Biochemistry
Michael Rochester, Department of Earth Sciences
David Strong, Department of Earth Sciences
Harold Williams, Department of Earth Sciences

Bartlett Professor of Oceanography

Brad de Young, Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography

Canadian Mathematical Society
Class of Fellows

David Pike, Mathematics and Statistics, 2021
Bruce Shawyer, Mathematics and Statistics, 2019
Edgar Goodaire, Mathematics and Statistics, 2018

Canadian Green Chemistry and Engineering Award (Individual Winner)
Chemical Institute of Canada

Fran Kerton, Department of Chemistry