Gong Show


This is a free event and all are welcome to attend. 

Free parking will be available in Lot 27 on level 2 & 3

The goal of the Gong Show is to excite the local community about research happening here in the Faculty of Science at Memorial University! Student, post-doctoral, and faculty presenters are challenged to pitch their research – jargon-free – in three minutes or less. 

Unlike the 3MT, where presenters must describe a thesis to a general scientific audience, the Gong Show presenter must describe their science in a way that anyone can understand, and the use of props is highly encouraged!  

If a presenter uses too much jargon, or the audience is no longer following, judges and audience members can “gong” the presenter. This will signal the speaker to explain their research more clearly.   

Judges will include local community members and the top undergraduate and graduate/post-doctoral presenters will win cash prizes! 

Check out some examples of science gong shows: 

University of Colorado Gong Show (Project Bridge) 
Pint of Science online gong show 



Hallie Arno, Ocean Sciences 

In hot water: does aquaculture make wild Atlantic Salmon less resilient to climate change? 

Arezou Arvand, Biochemistry 

The Gene Silencing Game: Discovering the roles of a Special Protein called GRP75 

Matthew Caines, Psychology 

Increasing Information Provision: How might three different interviewing strategies help us get more information from eyewitnesses in police interviews? 

Sachel Christian-Robinson, Chemistry 

Mussels: More than just meat 

Julia Craig, Human Kinetics and Recreation 

Infertility Injustice? We're Not Going to Take It! 

Katrina Cruickshanks, Biology 

A glimpse into the tree tops of Nova Scotia's forests 

Asha De Silva, Biochemistry 

Methionine requirement of TPN-fed newborn babies 

Matt Drodge, Biology 

Exploring the use of marine yeasts from coastal Newfoundland for beer fermentation 

Narges Ghorbani Bavani & Antonia Peil, Biochemistry 

The effect of omega-3 and vitamin D on vitamin D level in obese rats 

Sogand Sasanmoghadam, Biochemistry 

Exploring the role of teichoic acid in bacillus subtilis sensitivity to AMP-induced damage 

Jaime Soto Neira, Ocean Sciences 

Sensors development: overcoming barriers to curiosity 

Saad Equbal Syed, Computer Science 

Holographic Displays and Light Field Image