Gong Show

The goal of the Gong Show is to excite the local community about research happening here in the Faculty of Science at Memorial University! Student, post-doctoral, and faculty presenters are challenged to pitch their research – jargon-free – in three minutes or less. 

Unlike the 3MT, where presenters must describe a thesis to a general scientific audience, the Gong Show presenter must describe their science in a way that anyone can understand, and the use of props is highly encouraged!  

If a presenter uses too much jargon, or the audience is no longer following, judges and audience members can “gong” the presenter. This will signal the speaker to explain their research more clearly.   

Judges will include local community members and the top undergraduate and graduate/post-doctoral presenters will win cash prizes! 

Check out some examples of science gong shows: 

University of Colorado Gong Show (Project Bridge) 

Pint of Science online gong show 


SEA Conference Gong Show

April 5, 2023
6 p.m., Core Science Facility, CSF-1302