SEA Conference 2024 Prizes (Prizes are valued at $100 each)

Theme Awards:

Health and Wellness

  • Bounce Innovation best poster (graduate and post-doctoral fellow)- Kenzie Grace (Psychology)
  • Bounce Innovation best poster (undergraduate) - Alyssa Janes (Biochemistry)
  • Bounce Innovation best talk (graduate and post-doctoral fellow)- Justine Yick (Psychology) & Noah Pevie (Psychology)
  • Bounce Innovation best talk (undergraduate) - Lily Bertolo (Biology)

Technology, Innovation and Exploration

  • Best poster (graduate and post-doctoral fellow) - Deepal Deshpande (Biology)
  • Best poster (undergraduate) - Matthew Caines (Psychology)
  • Best talk (graduate and post-doctoral fellow) - Mohammad Mousavi (Physics & Physical Oceanography)
  • Best talk (undergraduate) - Ayon Debnath (Computer Science)

Climate Change and the Environment

  • Best poster (graduate and post-doctoral fellow) - Elizabeth Mack (Biology)
  • Best poster (undergraduate) - Lauren Gover (Biology)
  • Best talk (graduate and post-doctoral fellow) - Sarah Boudreau (Chemistry)
  • Best talk (undergraduate) - Alex Day (Biology)

Departmental Awards:

  • Best Biochemistry/Food Science talk (graduate) - Yuguan Jiang
  • Best Biochemistry/Nutrition talk (undergraduate) - Aaron Pye
  • Best Biochemistry/Food Science poster (graduate) - Mahammedzaid  Mahammedarif Patel
  • Best Biochemistry/Nutrition poster (undergraduate) - Molly Pomeroy
  • Best Biology talk (graduate) - Katrina Cruickshanks
  • Best Biology poster (graduate) - Madelyn Swackhamer
  • Best Biology undergraduate presentation (poster or talk) - Rebecca Ralph
  • Best Chemistry poster (graduate) - Justine Bissonnette
  • Best Chemistry talk (graduate) - Mikhailey Wheeler
  • Canadian Society for Chemistry best poster (undergraduate) - Lauren Ringer
  • Canadian Society for Chemistry second place poster (undergraduate) - Chloe Penney
  • Best Computer Science poster (graduate or undergraduate) - Seyed Mohammad Amin Taheri Ghahfarokhi
  • Best Computer Science talk (graduate or undergraduate) - Saad Equbal Syed
  • Best Ocean Sciences talk (graduate) - Nova Hanson 
  • Best Ocean Sciences poster (graduate) - Méliane Deshaies
  • Best Ocean Sciences presenation (undergraduate) - Ella Vivian
  • Best Innovation and Aquaculture presentation (Graduate) - Sathees Duglas
  • Best Earth Sciences talk (graduate or undergraduate)  - Shramana Sarkar
  • Best Earth Sciences poster (graduate or undergraduate) - Mary Whelan
  • Best Mathematics and Statistics talk (first place) - Zhen Shuang
  • Best Mathematics and Statistics talk (second place) - William Kellough
  • Best Physics and Physical Oceanography poster (undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral fellow) - Sashwat Prasadh
  • Best Physics and Physical Oceanography talk (undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral fellow) - Nurul Bin Ibrahim
  • Best Psychology/Behavioural Neuroscience poster (undergraduate or graduate)- Lily Reid
  • Best Psychology/Behavioural Neuroscience talk (undergraduate or graduate) - Robyn Cumben

Other Awards:

  • Gong Show best presentation (graduate or undergraduate)- Sachel Christian-Robinson (Chemistry)
  • Vice-president (Research) best paper (graduate) - Sarah Boudreau (Chemistry)
  • Vice-president (Research) best paper (undergraduate) - Lily Bertolo (Biology)
  • School of Gradute Studies Best PhD presentation (poster or talk) - Sydney Collins (Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology)
  • School of Graduate Sudies Best Masters presentation (poster or talk) - Justine Yick (Psychology) & Noah Pevie (Psychology)
  • Best Interdisciplinary Program poster - Lucas Fowler (Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology)
  • Best Interdisciplinary Program talk - Sydney Collins (Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology)