Applying for Seed/Multidisciplinary Funds

In November 2020, 22 applications were received, of which, 14 were funded. In June 2020, 54 applications were received and 17 were funded. 


The typical success rate, on average, has been about 55-60 per cent. However, it depends on the funding available and the number of applications received. The average is 30-35 applications per competition. 




Please submit only one application to any of the funds as PI. However, there is currently no limit as to how many on which you can be a co-applicant. 


As the account is set only in the PI's name, they do not track how many files a co-applicant is holding. Please note that when preparing an application, they do ask for outcomes of previous awards as PI and co-applicant. This information can be obtained from ROMEO.


This is an internal funding opportunity only. Only individuals from Memorial (including those from the Marine Institute, St. John's Campus, Labrador Campus or Grenfell Campus) can be a PI or co-applicant. However, outside people can be collaborators. They can be included in the body of the application.


If the expected budget exceeds $10,000, other sources of funding can be included. It is acknowledged that in some disciplines, $10,000 will go further than in others. There is no advantage of having other sources of funding. If applicants are seeding something, often there will not be other sources.