Graduate Student Work Experience Program (GradSWEP)

As per institutional guidelines, students must be currently located in Canada in order to work with Memorial University, including all MUCEP/ISWEP/GradSWEP jobs.

The Graduate Student Work Experience Program (GradSWEP) provides Memorial's graduate students with the opportunity to participate in 75-hour job placements, paid at the prevailing graduate student rate.

The call for applications is now closed for Fiscal 2023-2024 and GradSWEP funding for Spring 2023, Fall 2023, and Winter 2024 semesters has been awarded.  Please check back in March of 2024 to submit an application for Fiscal 2024-2025.

Below are the links for GradSWEP:

If you have any questions regarding GradSWEP, please contact