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Name Research Area Office Phone* Email
Russell Adams
Developmental, Behavioural Neuroscience SN3086D 864-2513 rjadams@mun.ca
Felix Ayesu
Teaching Term
Developmental SN2069 864-3203 fa8584@mun.ca
Francis Bambico
Associate Professor
Behavioural Neuroscience SN3093 864-7671 fbambico@mun.ca
Pierre-Paul Bitton
Assistant Professor
CABE SN3091 864-7665 pbitton@mun.ca
Jacqueline Blundell
Behavioural Neuroscience SN3074 864-7957 jblundell@mun.ca
Cathryn Button
Social SN2055 864-8022 cbutton@mun.ca
Jacqueline Carter
Professor; R. Psych.
Clinical SN3078 864-8118 jacqueline.carter@mun.ca
Stéphane Dandeneau
Social SN2072 864-4786 sdandeneau@mun.ca
Martin Day
Associate Professor
Social SN2073 864-7667 mvday@mun.ca
James Drover
Associate Professor
Developmental SN3094 864-8383 jrdrover@mun.ca
Blaire Dube
Assistant Professor
Cognition SN2078   bdube@mun.ca
Laura Fallon
Assistant Professor
Social SN3083 864-4345 lfallon@mun.ca
Emily Fawcett
Associate Professor
Clinical SN1071 864-7693 efawcett@mun.ca
Jonathan Fawcett
Associate Professor
Cognition SN3073 864-8020 jfawcett@mun.ca
Cheryll Fitzpatrick
Assistant Professor
Developmental SN2077 864-2982 cheryllf@mun.ca
Ken Fowler
Social SN2074 864-7672 kenfowler@mun.ca
Sheila Garland
Associate Professor; R. Psych.
Clinical SN3082 864-4897 sheila.garland@mun.ca
Kellie Hadden
Assistant Professor; R. Psych.
Clinical SN3076 864-7675 khadden@mun.ca
Darcy Hallett
Associate Professor
Developmental SN3077 864-4871 darcy@mun.ca
Nick Harris
Associate Professor
Clinical SN3087 864-7676 nharris@mun.ca
Mark Hebert
Assistant Professor
Behavioural Neuroscience SN3098 864-3436 mhebert@mun.ca
Kathleen Hourihan
Associate Professor
Cognition SN3080 864-8771 khourihan@mun.ca
Heath Matheson
Associate Professor
Cognition SN3094 864-8383 hmatheson@mun.ca
Carole Peterson
FRSC; University Research Professor
Developmental SN3100 864-7682 carole@mun.ca
Chris Quinn-Nilas
Assistant Professor
Social   864-2227  cquinnnilas@mun.ca
Josh Rash
Associate Professor
Clinical SN3072 864-7687 jarash@mun.ca
Darlene Skinner
Behavioural Neuroscience SN1055 864-2027 dmskinner@mun.ca
Brent Snook
Social SN2056 864-3101 bsnook@mun.ca
Ashlyn Swift-Gallant Assistant Professor Behavioural Neuroscience   864-7583 aswiftgallant@mun.ca
Christina Thorpe
Behavioural Neuroscience   864-4806 cthorpe@mun.ca
Susan Walling
Assistant Professor
Behavioural Neuroscience SN1053 864-2323 sgwalling@mun.ca
Carolyn Walsh
Associate Professor
CABE SN3089 864-4738 carolynw@mun.ca
David Wilson
Associate Professor
CABE SN3085 864-8291 dwilson@mun.ca

Professor Emeritus
Gerard Martin Behavioural Neuroscience SN1076 864-6771 gmartin@mun.ca
William Montevecchi
University Research Professor
CABE SN2081 864-7673 mont@mun.ca
Anne Storey CABE SN1076 864-6771 astorey@mun.ca
Honorary Research Professor
Rita Anderson Cognition, CABE SN1076 864-6771 rita@play.psych.mun.ca
Catherine Penney Cognition SN1076 864-6771 cathpenn@play.psych.mun.ca
Mary Courage Developmental SN1076 864-6771 mcourage@mun.ca

Cross Appointments (Cross Appointment Criteria)
Benjamin Zendel
(09-01-23 to 08-31-26)
Faculty of Medicine     bzendel@mun.ca

Adjunct Appointments (Adjunct Appointment Criteria)

Professional Associate Appointments (Professional Associate Criteria)
Megan English
(05-01-23 to 05-01-26)
The Beacon Centre     drmeganenglish@beaconcentre.ca
Emily Case
(09-01-22 to 08-31-25)
The Beacon Centre     dremilycase@beaconcentre.ca
Susan Pardy
(09-01-22 to 08-31-25)
Eastern Health   777-8689 Susan.Pardy@easternhealth.ca
Heather Quinlan
(09-01-22 to 08-31-25)
Eastern Health     heather.quinlan@easternhealth.ca
Susan Stone
(09-01-21 to 08-31-24)
Eastern Health     susanstonesicon@outlook.com

Retired Faculty
Christine Arlett       carlett@play.psych.mun.ca
Brian Craske       bjcraske@shaw.ca
John Evans       jevans@play.psych.mun.ca
Malcolm Grant       mjgrant@mun.ca
Virginia Grant       virginia@play.psych.mun.ca
Elena Hannah       erosen@play.psych.mun.ca
Ted Hannah     (778) 846-6663 thannah@mun.ca
David Hart     (604) 734-7327 david.hart@ubc.ca
Andree Liddell       a.liddell@rogers.com
Richard Maddigan       rmaddiga@mun.ca
Charles Malsbury       malsbury@play.psych.mun.ca
William McKim       bmckim@play.psych.mun.ca
Michele Mercer       michelem@mun.ca
Shannon Moeser       smoeser@mun.ca
Ray Penney        rpenney@mun.ca
Michael Rabinowitz       fmr@mun.ca
Bow Revusky       brevusky@yahoo.ca
Herbert Rose       hgrose@mun.ca
Robert Rose     (613) 233-6821 rj.rose@sympatico.ca
Abraham Ross       rossabe@hotmail.com
Michael Sherrick       sherrick@mun.ca
Graham Skanes       gskanes@mun.ca
Lily Walker           lwalker@mun.ca