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The Graduate Psychology Society is run by the graduate students for the graduate students!

It is our commitment to create opportunities for the students to get to know each other and the faculty through social events, present the students with information as it pretains to their student life, and to speak to the department on their behalf regarding important issues. 

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Society membership is open to all MUN graduate students currently enrolled in the Psychology Department and students with supervisors in or cross appointed to the Psychology Department.

Interested members may email the society or add themselves to the social media pages (find below).


Your Executive: 2020-2021

Chairperson: Victoria Kavanagh


Communications Officer: Olivia Dutton

Social Events Coordinator: Marie Wasef

Undergraduate Liaison: Shannon Waye


Funding Information

Graduate students may obtain the following funding through the Graduate Student Union:

Conference Funding/Tavel Aid: Students may apply for up to $250 CAD to go towards travel for national conferences or $300 CAD for international conferences

Professional Development Grant: Students may apply for funding towards professional development opportunities. This may include access to books, journals, seminars, online software (e.g., referencing or grammar software), or workshops, among others. Master's students may apply for up to $200 CAD and Doctorate students may apply for up to $400 CAD

Professional Membership Grant: Students may apply for up to $50 CAD per year towards the registration fee for professional membership. This funding is renewable up to two (2) times for Master's students and four (4) times for Doctorate students.

For the forms and access to more information on the above funding information, click: HERE


Workshops and Professional Development

The School of Graduate Studies has created a program that offers graduate students the opportunity to partake in workshops and gain professional development experience. 

To learn more about what they offer, click : HERE


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