Graduate Studies

Degree Programs

The Department offers the following degree programs: Masters in Applied Psychological Science (MAPS), M.Sc. in Experimental Psychology, Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, and PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) in clinical psychology.

To get an idea of the range of topics possible, please consult this list of recent Doctoral and Masters theses. Also see some recent outstanding academic achievements, and Doctoral Oral Defenses and Comprehensive Exams from our graduate students.

Psychology is also part of the interdisciplinary Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology (CABE) program, which offers both the M.Sc. and Ph.D. Interested students should apply directly to the CABE program.

Graduate Officer/General Graduate Inquiries

Dr. Brent Snook
Phone: (709) 864-3101
Office: SN2056

Applied Psychological Science Inquiries

Dr. Cathryn Button
Phone: (709) 864-8022
Office: SN2055

Psy.D. Inquiries

Sheila Elliott, Secretary for Psy.D Program
Phone: (709) 864-4518
Office: 220 Prince Philip Drive

Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology Inquiries

Robyn Temple
Phone: (709) 864-3414


The department has particular specialties in Behavioural Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognition, Developmental Psychology, and Social Psychology, as well as in Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology. However, many faculty have research interests that transcend traditional categories and research possibilities exist beyond the above-named areas. Students should look at the research interests of each faculty member to see the possibilities.

All M.Sc. and Ph.D. students are in either the Experimental Psychology program or the Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology (CABE) program.

Only students admitted to the Psy.D. program are eligible to take courses specific to that program.

How To Apply

Students planning to apply for admission into any of the graduate programs should first examine the list of faculty who are considering accepting a new graduate student.

You should write the GRE exam only if you are applying to the Masters in Applied Psychological Science (co-op) program.  Please note that this requirement has been suspended for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Students applying to the MAPS program for Fall 2024 are no longer required to submit their GRE results. Although not a requirement, if students (a) wish to strengthen their application or (b) have already written the GRE exam, we encourage you to submit your GRE results as part of your application. Please note that the GRE is not required for students who are applying to any other graduate program offered in Experimental Psychology (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) or the Psy.D. program.  Information about the GRE exam (what it is, preparation materials, etc.) is available at

You may also need to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). You should make sure that these scores arrive at Memorial University before the application deadline for the graduate degree program from which you are applying.

You can fill out the School of Graduate Studies forms on-line.

The Psy.D program has additional requirements.

You should make sure that your completed application arrives before December 1 for Psy.D. applications and February 1 for M.Sc., MAPS, and Ph.D. degree applications in psychology.

For more specific questions, please consult our FAQ.