Dr. Alex Bihlo

Dr. Alex BihloCanada Research Chair in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

Phone: 709-864-8078
Email: abihlo@mun.ca

Research involves: Analytical and numerical methods.

Research relevance: This research will lead to the development of new discretization schemes for partial differential equations and their applications in climate science.

Developing improved atmospheric numerical models
Accurate numerical models are the backbone of our modern society. Of particular relevance are numerical methods that can be used for solving physical problems over time periods ranging from a few years to several thousands of years and longer. Such methods are required in astronomy, geophysics, mathematical biology and climate science.

Traditional numerical methods generally do not satisfy the accuracy needs imposed by these fields. The numerical methods Dr. Alex Bihlo will develop as a Canada Research Chair in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing will preserve geometric properties such as symmetries and conservation laws of physical models, which is a main requirement for obtaining precise long time numerical solutions for the equations describing physical systems.
A main field of application of the research on geometry-preserving numerical schemes will be the atmosphere-ocean system. This research should form a basis of the next generation of climate prediction models.