Conduct of Final Examinations


These policies and procedures apply to final examinations in undergraduate courses conducted by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Other policies may also be relevant. In no case does this policy override any university regulations set forth in the Calendar. Exceptions may be made to these policies and procedures on request to the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) in order to accommodate students with disabilities or other special needs.


Students will be permitted to enter the examination room at least five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time.

Students thirty minutes late or more will not be allowed to start the examination and will be considered absent. The regulations on deferred exams in the General Undergraduate Regulations section of the Calendar then apply.

Students less than thirty minutes late will be allowed to start the examination. At the discretion of the course instructor, and only if they have a good reason for being late, they may be allowed extra time to complete the examination.

Students will not be permitted to leave, other than for breaks, within the first thirty minutes.
No student may leave the examination room from ten minutes to the end time of the examination until all examinations have been collected and counted, and the students have been dismissed.


In case of a building evacuation, all examination materials, papers, notes, etc. must be left in the examination room while students exit the building. Students may not discuss the examination during the evacuation. Exams will be rescheduled, terminated, or resumed at the discretion of the faculty administration.

The time allowed for an examination will be adjusted in case of a power failure or other interruptions not requiring evacuation.

Breaks and illnesses:

Students may, with permission, visit the washroom during the examination, but will be accompanied as far as the door of the washroom by an invigilator.

Students who become ill during the examination may take a short break outside the room, but will be accompanied by an invigilator.

Students shall not take any papers, books, or communication devices with them during any break.

Students who become too ill to complete the examination will be considered absent. All examination papers and other papers on which the student may have written will be collected by the invigilator. The regulations on deferred exams in the General Undergraduate Regulations section of the Calendar then apply and the student should seek medical documentation.


Students may only use such notes, books, calculators, electronic translators, other electronic devices, and other aids as explicitly permitted by their instructor. In any case, audio playback devices are not permitted and devices capable of wireless communication may not be used in any capacity.

It is incumbent on students to be aware of the nature of permitted and required aids. Cell phones must have their ringers turned off during exams.

Students may not be given aid on or clarification of the examination from any person other than an instructor of the course or a delegate.

Approved by Faculty Council on 27-09-2006