Student Space Requests

Student Office Space and Laboratory Access Requests


  • There are office and laboratory spaces that students can avail of in order to do their research or laboratory work in a safe and conducive environment. The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences allocates these spaces to thesis-based (M.Eng. and Ph.D.) graduate students for them to be able to perform research work with their supervisors and/or laboratory groups. These spaces are managed by the Space Committee, which works under the Senior Administrative Officer of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. The policy regarding the allocation of graduate office spaces can be found here.

  • In cases wherein a thesis-based graduate student needs an office space, they must fill up all the relevant sections and sign the digital version of the Room/Building Access Request Form. The request must be made in consultation with, and signed by, their academic supervisor. The Room/Building Access Request Form can be found here

  • Additionally, if the student needs access to the laboratory where their research supervisor’s students work, they will also have to complete the Laboratory/Research Area Access Authorization Form. This authorization form is available through the same link indicated above.

  • The completed and signed Room/Building Access Request Form and Laboratory/Research Area Access Authorization Form, if necessary, will have to be submitted to the Engineering Graduate Office, through, to determine the available office space and location where the student can be assigned, before it flows through the Space Committee for processing.

  • Please note that it takes a few days before a student’s office and/or laboratory access requests are processed. Once approved, the student (through their MUN email address) will receive a direct email notification from Memorial’s Facilities Management Office that access has been granted. Access is granted either through the student’s MUN ID (i.e., swipe access) or through the issuance of an office key (i.e., for some rooms in the main Engineering building).

  • Kindly direct further inquiries on this matter to the Engineering Graduate Office. The office number is (709) 864-8901. The email address is