Student Testimonials

“ my first term, I have already achieved 2 of the 5 available credentials: Solidworks Certified Associate & Inventor Certified User. Collectively, these multiple CAD credentials enable me to communicate better with colleagues & teams in multi-CAD languages. Completing professional CAD credentials has given me the confidence to transition between CAD platforms quickly and has bolstered my résumé. - Trevor Stacey, Term 1 (discipline undeclared)

"… CAD Credentials are fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to create an edge on their résumé and improve their professional skills.” – Neil Ellwood, Mechanical Term 5 (Graduated Winter 2019)

“Being AutoCAD certified put me over the top when I landed my work term!” – Amy Feltham, Process Term 4 (Graduated Winter 2019)

 "Mastering the material covered by the CAD credentials program is key to becoming a great engineer and performing well on the job" – Himanshu Ragtah, Mechanical Term 8 (Graduated Winter 2017)