Academic Integrity

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science academic integrity resource page. Here you find information for undergraduate students, faculty and staff regarding regulation, policy and practice as it pertains to academic integrity and academic dishonesty/misconduct.

Commitment to Academic Integrity
Academic integrity implies honesty and responsibility in scholarship. It applies to students and faculty alike, and requires that any academic work be the result of an individual’s own efforts, and that intellectual contributions from others be consistently and responsibly acknowledged.

Academic integrity is fundamental to life at Memorial University of Newfoundland. All Engineering students are obligated to practice the highest standards of academic integrity, and to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with Memorial University’s Code of Student Conduct and the Engineering Student Code of Conduct.

Academic Dishonesty/Misconduct
Academic dishonesty, or academic misconduct, is any form of dishonest or improper action that may occur in relation to a formal academic exercise.

Within Memorial University’s community, there is a collective responsibility to maintain a high level of scholarly integrity. A student is expected to adhere to those principles which constitute proper academic conduct. Academic misconduct cannot be condoned, or even appear to be condoned. A student has the responsibility to know which actions, as described in the University Calendar under Academic Offences, could be construed as dishonest or improper.

Commitment to Professional Integrity
Professional integrity (like academic integrity to students/faculty) is fundamental to life as a Professional Engineer (PEng). Like Professional Engineers, Engineering students are expected be professional in all endeavours and are encouraged to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the PEG-NL Code of Ethics.


Resources for Undergraduate Students


Resources for Faculty and Staff

  • Undergraduate Academic Misconduct Report Form
  • Formal Procedure Flowchart for cases of Academic Misconduct


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About this page

In November 2009, the Faculty's Committee on Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) established a Subcommittee on Academic Integrity (SAI). The focus of SAI is to develop practices and processes to promote a strong culture of academic integrity within the undergraduate engineering programs. The SAI is continually developing resources to assist students, faculty and staff concerning manners of Undergraduate Academic Integrity in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. The SAI maintains this web page.

For further information, please contact the SAI Chair, Joe Daraio at jadaraio[at] or by calling 709-864-2756.