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Research Related Resources at Memorial

Memorial Research Policies Includes policies on Conflict of Interest, Ethics, Integrity, Intellectual Property and more. 

Memorial Researcher Portal. The Researcher Portal will allow you to apply for various types of research funding and ethics certifications. The Researcher Portal is a web-based work tool. 

Research Funding Tracker  a database of funding opportunities created and maintained by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at MUN. 

Education Faculty Writing Group

The Education Faculty Writing Group started in September 2009 and meets weekly at lunchtime on Fridays, with some attendees joining from off-site. Generally, the group is a forum for discussions on all aspects of academic life with an emphasis on research and writing. The meeting time is always fixed but the way the group functions is flexible. The group meets early in a semester, brainstorms ideas and sets a loose agenda.

At each meeting, the group begins with a circle “check-in” and ends with a circle “check-out”. These processes reflect the ethos of relationships-first. The group deliberately aims to opt out of competing and instead focuses on supporting and nurturing each other.

Over the years, the group has presented many joint papers at conferences, published peer-review papers and engaged in creative activities. A description of their writing process can be found here.

"Through the practice of writing together, we learn from each other, mentor those in need and develop friendships. Group members have formed successful research partnerships outside of the group and the trickle-effect in the faculty has been tremendous. It is a true community of practice." 

Dr. Cecile Badenhorst. 

Project Management Tools . This suite of tools and templates will help you in all stages of your research project - from developing budgets to identifying milestones and managing your project scope.