Master of Education (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Studies)

Program Information

This Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Studies (CTLS) program provides opportunities for students to investigate pertinent issues in these interrelated areas from a variety of perspectives: philosophical, historical, social, cultural, cognitive, and technological. The conceptual bases of curriculum, teaching, and learning are explored and analysed along with related examples of historical and current policies and practices. The program encourages the development of broad-based insights into issues related to these areas through an emphasis on critical inquiry and reflective practice. It supports students in the development and enhancement of research capabilities and professional expertise and practice.

There are five program route options:

RouteRequirements (30 credit hours)
Comprehensive Course Route 30 credit hours
Internship 24 credit hours + ED 6391: Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Studies (6 credit hours]
Project 24 credit hours + ED 6392: Project in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Studies (6 credit hours)
Paper Folio 24 credit hours + ED 6393: Paper Folio in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Studies (6 credit hours)
Thesis 18 credit hours + Thesis (12 credit hours)

 There are two program options:

Students may choose to specialize in one of a number of areas of study:

  • Indigenous and Place-based Education
  • Language and Literacy Studies
  • Mathematics Education
  • Music Education,
  • Science Education,
  • Second Language Education
  • Social Justice Education
  • Social Studies Education
  • Special Education 
    • Note: A completed Bachelor of Special Education Degree or equivalent is required and enrolment will be limited to applicants articulating a research focus for which appropriate thesis supervision is available, as students will be required to write a thesis.
  • Teacher-Librarianship.

In consultation with a faculty advisor, students may choose to design a program speciality which addresses their research interests. Specialty foci within Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning Studies are numerous and may include technology and web-based education, arts education, rural and multi-age education. Students may alternatively select appropriate courses from other Master of Education program offerings to develop a program to meet their learning goals. Students interested in this option are strongly encouraged to explore and to focus their research and study interests and to discuss these interests with a faculty advisor.

Application Deadline

The deadline for application to the Master of Education (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Studies) program is August 15th and the program start date is January (Winter semester). Please refer to application submission deadlines.

Admission/Application Information

Please visit the links provided in the table below to learn more about the Master of Education (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Studies) admission / application process. 

Master of Education (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Studies)
School of Graduate Studies Regulations
Faculty of Education Admission Requirements
Program Admission Requirements
  • Deferral Requests. Students accepted to programs without caps on enrollment (Curriculum, Teaching & Learning Studies, Educational Leadership Studies, Educational Technology & Post-Secondary Studies), are advised that the graduate office does not accept deferral requests unless there are extenuating circumstances and supporting documentation. In such cases, a maximum of one deferral for one semester may be granted. Files will be kept for a one year period, which enable students to ask to be reconsidered for a competition within that timeframe at no additional cost. Students accepted to the Counselling Psychology program (because of the cap on enrollment), under extenuating circumstances only, may also be granted one deferral.
  • Confirmation of Work Experience. Students are required to submit an official letter from the school district office/employer verifying work experience. This letter should indicate total number of teaching days accumulated, as a minimum of two years of teaching (or related) experience is recommended for admission for most programs. Please have this information forwarded to the School of Graduate Studies by the deadline date.
  • Educational Leave. If you are considering applying for educational leave in order to pursue a Master of Education program, you should first apply to the program. If you are not granted educational leave, but are accepted to the program, you can commence your studies on a part-time basis.

Program Requirements

Please visit the link provided in the table below to learn more about the Master of Education (Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning Studies) program requirements.

Master of Education (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Studies)
Program Requirements
  • A candidate in full-time status may register for a maximum of 12 credit hours in any regular semester and a maximum of 6 credit hours in intersession or summer session.
  • A candidate with part-time status may register for a maximum of 3 credit hours in any semester or session, excluding summer session, when 6 credit hours are permitted.
  • Candidates may register for additional courses in a semester or session with the permission of the Office of the Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research, Faculty of Education.

Program Cost

Please refer to Graduate Tuition and Fees for general information and the School of Graduate Studies Minimum Expense form for detailed tuition, special fee, and other program cost information. 


Students are required to apply online to have information formally assessed. Applications and official supporting documents are to be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies by the application deadline. Complete detailed application packages are expected by the deadline date. Applications may be submitted online by following the process outlined at School of Graduate Studies-Application Package.