December - Tayebeh Sohrabi

Celebrating Research Excellence through the Year: Tayebeh Sohrabi - December

This year Memorial University’s Faculty of Education celebrates 100 years of excellence, as teacher education reaches a significant milestone in the province. To commemorate this achievement we are spotlighting our faculty and graduate student research activities in a monthly series of Featured Researchers, with PhD. candidate Tayebeh Sohrabi for December. 

Tayebeh Sohrabi completed her second master's degree (Curriculum, Teaching & Learning) at Memorial after obtaining her first master's degree in Iran. While in Iran she worked in the school system for several years. It was this experience that led her to pursue further studies including her PhD. 

Ms. Sohrabi is the recipient of several scholarships: the Recognition of Excellence (2018), the Dr. Austin J. Harte Memorial Scholarship (2018); the Dr. Linda Coles Primary / Elementary Literacy Scholarship (2019); the Charles Butler Graduate Scholarship (2020) and the CFUW Edith Creighton Scholarship (2021) awarded by School of Graduate Studies. In 2022 she was nominated for the Mackenzie King Scholarship awarded by University of British Columbia (2022), and the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship) (2022) by Memorial University.

Her research focuses on inclusion in elementary school curriculum, social skills development in native and newcomer students, challenges and barriers that newcomers experience in their host countries, including but not limited to language barriers, sociocultural differences, and unfamiliarity with the educational system. Her experience as an international student and time spent in the educational system in two different countries have deepened her understanding in this area. Tayebeh Sohrabi’s supervisor is Dr. Kimberly Maich and her Committee is Drs. Anne Burke and Xuemei Li. 

Selected Publications:

Sohrabi, T. (2022). Medical Model of Mental Health in Iran. In Keith, E., & Maich, K. (Eds.). K-12 Mental Health Case Studies: An International Perspective. Rowman & Littlefield. 

Sohrabi, Tayebeh. (2022). To Raise a Bilingual or a Monolingual Child: Concerns of an Immigrant Mother. Canadian Journal of Family and Youth / Le Journal Canadien de Famille et de la Jeunesse. 14. 23-37. 10.29173/cjfy29757.

Power of play How playing affects cooperation skills December 2021 Brock Education Journal 31(1):70-90 DOI:10.26522/brocked.v31i1.889

Sohrabi, Tayebeh & Maich, Kimberly. (2021). Social Skills Development in Bilingual Preschoolers. Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education. 12. 17-29.

Sohrabi, Tayebeh. (2019). Physical education games and social skills: An investigation with Iranian primary school girls. Issues in Educational Research. 29. 1313-1329.

Maich, Kimberly & Davies, Adam & Sohrabi, Tayebeh. (2019). Autism Spectrum Disorder and Maternal Employment Barriers: A Comprehensive Gender-Based Inquiry. Canadian Journal of Family and Youth / Le Journal Canadien de Famille et de la Jeunesse. 11. 104. 10.29173/cjfy29463.

 Moghaddam, A. & Sohrabi, T. (2012). A content analysis of elementary mathematics texts. Quarterly Journal of Curriculum Studies, 25(7), 115-138.