External Resources

Here are a number of resources we've compiled to help in your research  projects and activities:

Research Data Management. It's the current hot topic and necessity in all research initiatives. Memorial University Libraries offers useful guidance and resources on all RDM topics. Resources include the Portage Network for shared stewardship of research data in Canada and a link to the DMP Assistant for building your own plan.  

Knowledge Mobilization (KMb). What every project needs. One of the guides for building your Knowledge Mobilization Plan is in the Knowledge Mobilization Toolkit referenced by SSHRC. Memorial University has Manager of Knowledge Mobilization  as well as an online tool Yaffle, that helps link academics with each other and with public partners.

Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide. Read it. Read it again. 

The Canadian Common CV Portal. The Canadian Common CV (CCV) allows researchers to enter their CV data once and output it in formats suitable for submission to CCV Network member organizations. 

The SSHRC Researcher Portal The Research Portal is intended for use by individuals participating in the preparation of applications/nominations for funding from the Canada Research Chairs, the Research Support Fund, and other programs of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), in the administration of awards, and in the merit review of applications.

The Research Whisperer: Just Like the Thesis Whisperer but with more money. Excellent articles. Subscribe for daily updates.