Special Permission Requests

Most Education courses are reserved for Education students admitted into current Education programs; however, a small number of Education courses are designated as sometimes possible for other students when permission is granted.  Students may request special permission to register for one of these designated Education courses by emailing the request to the Faculty of Education's Academic Programs Office (APO) at muneduc@mun.ca . After current Education students have had sufficient time to register for their courses, the special permissions requests are reviewed. Where space allows and prerequisites have been met, students may be allowed to register for a course according to the regulations in the University Calendar and outlined below.

Non-Education students

If you are a non-Education student (a student currently working towards a degree in another Faculty) and you have completed 24 credit hours or more, you may request special permission for any of the following Education courses:

2040, 2050, 2222, 2800, 2803, 3210, 3211, 3565, 3660

See related University Calendar regulation here

2900 is also available to non-Education students with 24 credit hours or more completed. Students can waitlist via Self Service for this course and when reserves are lifted, they may register in any remaining available spaces.

NOTE: You should check with your current program’s academic advisors to see if Education courses can count in your non-Education degree program as electives.

Students with an Education degree already completed

If you have already completed a Bachelor of Education and you are interested in Special Education programs, you may request special permission to register for:

3040, 3640, 3660, 3941

See related University Calendar regulation here.

Students wishing to register in Education courses for certification upgrading purposes and a student requiring Education courses for the Post-Secondary Instructors Certificate should contact muneduc@mun.ca at least one month in advance of registration for permission and procedure.

Students applying for Master of Education programs

If you are hoping to apply to one of our graduate level degree programs with specific courses needed to fulfill admissions requirements, it is also possible to request special permission for:

2900, 3210, 3211, 3280, 4240

See related University Calendar Regulations for Masters of Education programs here.