Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education at Memorial University has a long standing reputation that is built on providing comprehensive undergraduate teacher education programs, graduate programs and adult education. Our research is often groundbreaking and helping to drive new developments in learning and teaching.  

Our Faculty is proud of its working relationships with other faculties, educational agencies, government and interest groups to work together to promote education and lead progress.

We offer a range of undergraduate programs, using a combination of delivery modes, technology and innovative approaches to prepare teachers for careers in the K-12 school system and a variety of adult learning settings. Our programs are designed to prepare new teachers to create exceptional learning environments for their students, to meet the diverse needs of learners, and to engage in critical inquiry about their teaching practice.

Our graduate studies programs offer in-depth study into Educational Leadership and groundbreaking research in Masters, PhD and Diploma programs.

We offer professionals the opportunity to upgrade skills and continue on their path of learning and development.