Study Outside of Canada

The opportunity to study outside of Canada is an excellent way to get travel experience and learn about different countries and cultures. Through study outside of Canada programming, we hope that you will learn to see yourself as part of a global community, and become more open to learning about cultures that are different from your own

If travelling outside of Canada sounds like a great addition to your university experience, get started by reviewing our program options for exchange, research, internships, and much more at Go Abroad.

Harlow Campus

Did you know Memorial University has a campus in Harlow, United Kingdom? You can take courses their at Memorial University tuition rates. The departments of Biology and Biochemistry each offer field courses in Harlow. For the latest offerings, visit the Harlow website.
For more information on opportunities for Science students to study outside of Canada, contact:

Dayna Vey, International Programs Coordinator

You can also make an appointment with Dayna using the Navigate app.