Distinguished Scholar Medal

The Dean of Science Distinguished Scholar Medal recognizes outstanding and sustained contributions which demonstrate a balanced approach to scholarly activities in both teaching and research. It is awarded by the Dean of Science to a deserving faculty member in the Faculty of Science, and is not necessarily awarded every year.

The spirit in which the Distinguished Scholar Medal is awarded is:

All professional staff at Memorial University of Newfoundland have two primary obligations: to seek new knowledge and to transmit their accumulated knowledge to others. All decisions affecting the career of a professor must therefore take into consideration his or her performance in the areas of research and teaching.

Distinguished Scholar Medal Recipients

2021 - Dr. Matthew Rise, Department of Ocean Sciences
 - Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi, Department of Biochemistry
2019 - Dr. Annie Mercier, Department of Ocean Sciences
- Dr. Peter Pickup, Department of Chemistry
- Dr. Aimée Surprenant, Department of Psychology
2016 - Dr. Fran Kerton, Department of Chemistry
2014 - Dr. John Hanchar, Department of Earth Sciences
2012 - Dr. Jeremy Hall, Department of Earth Sciences
2011 - Dr. Graham Bodwell, Department of Chemistry
2009 - Dr. Jie Xiao, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2008 - Dr. David Schneider, Ocean Sciences Centre
2004 - Dr. John T. Brosnan, Department of Biochemistry
2003 - Dr. John deBruyn, Department of Physics & Physical Oceanography
2002 - Dr. Wlodek Zuberek, Department of Computer Science
2001 - Dr. Michael Morrow, Department of Physics & Physical Oceanography
1997 - Dr. S. Paddi Reddy, Department of Physics & Physical Oceanography
1996 - Dr. Peter Booth, Department of Mathematics & Statistics
1995 - Dr. Michael Rochester, Department of Earth Sciences
1994 - Dr. Murray Brooker, Department of Chemistry
1994 - Dr. Carolyn Harley, Department of Psychology
1993 - Dr. Margaret Brosnan, Department of Biochemistry