Sustainable Aquaculture Program

The administrative committee, consisting of faculty members from the Memorial University's Fisheries and Marine Institute (MI) and the departments of Biology, Biochemistry and Ocean Sciences, offer the Master of Science in Sustainable Aquaculture. This is the only thesis-based MSc Sustainable Aquaculture program in Canada.

It is designed to instruct students in research using scientific principles derived from a wide range of disciplines including Biology, Biochemistry, Ocean Sciences, Food Sciences and Engineering. Research problems may involve field and laboratory studies on various marine and freshwater flora and fauna.

The administrative committee is responsible for the program. It is composed of six faculty members; two from MI and four from appropriate academic departments at Memorial. In addition, the heads of the departments and the head of the School of Fisheries, MI, will be ex-officio members.

The committee is appointed by the dean of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the various heads and directors. The chairperson of the committee, with the heads and directors, will make recommendations to the dean of the School of Graduate Studies concerning the academic requirements of the program, admission, course programs of individuals in consultation with supervisors, financial support, supervisory committees, thesis examiners, and the student's annual progress in the program.

For information on tuition and expenses, please see the School of Graduate Studies website.

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