Distinguished Teacher Award

The annual Dean of Science Distinguished Teacher Award was established in 2017 to recognize teaching excellence in the Faculty of Science. It is presented to an academic staff member whose sustained commitment and creative approach to teaching has contributed to the improvement of the overall quality of teaching within the Faculty of Science.

The nominee must provide evidence of outstanding achievement in teaching effectiveness through:

  • Curriculum Development - Engages learners at appropriate levels of complexity. Aligns learning outcomes with instruction and assessment.
  • Instructional Approaches - Approaches that provide authentic, engaging learning experiences using modern teaching practices. Examples of adjustments made to teaching and learning methods based on reflection and student feedback is an asset.
  • Integration of Research - Evidence-based teaching that integrates seminal and current research findings. Integration of personal research into course content is an asset. 
  • Professional development - Participation in formal and/or informal professional development. Contribution to a positive teaching and learning environment, educational leadership and/or educational scholarship is desirable.

Distinguished Teacher Award Recipients

2023 - Dr. Valerie Booth, Biochemistry 
- Dr. Amy Hurford, Biology/Mathematics and Statistics
- Dr. Suzanne Dufour, Biology
              Dr. Patrick Gagnon, Ocean Sciences
2020 - Dr. Christina Thorpe, Psychology
2019 - Dr. Ronald Haynes, Mathematics and Statistics
2018 - Dr. Kris Poduska, Physics and Physical Oceanography
2017 - Dr. Travis Fridgen, Chemistry