Poster Board Booking and Rental

The Dean of Science Office has 25 free-standing poster boards available for booking.

The boards are 4 ft. by 8 ft. and are made of compressed cardboard, allowing posters to be easily attached with pins or thumb tacks. They are double-sided and the height can be adusted.

For groups inside the Faculty of Science, there is no charge to book the boards. However, there is a rental fee of $25 per board, per day, for groups outside of the faculty.

To reserve the poster boards, please email to ensure availability for your required date, make a tentative booking, then fill out the booking form

All groups will be responsible for contacting the Facilities Management movers at or 864-7600 to arrange the pick-up, delivery and return of the boards. Once arrangements are made, forward the booking form (including the Facman work order number) to

Please Note: For Poster Board use above the ground floor, you must ensure the boards will either fit in the elevator (most elevators will not accommodate), or that you’re able to get them up to the desired floor by other means.

Please note: If boards are required for a Monday morning, the movers will have to deliver them on the previous Friday. If the boards are being used on a Friday afternoon, they will return them on the following Monday. You must be sure to book the movers accordingly and provide them with your contact information in case they need to get in touch.