How Do I Apply for a Major?

Many first-year students at Memorial are Science students, having been admitted into the Faculty of Science by direct entry from high school. However, Science students must go on to choose a major subject, normally at the end of their first year. During your first year, you should contact the department of your proposed major for academic advice on program choices and course scheduling. Unless otherwise indicated by the Departmental Admission Regulations in the University Calendar, students upon formal application by Declaration/Change of Academic Program Form are normally admitted to the department of their major program upon successful completion of 30 credit hours (10 courses) which must include:

  • Two courses in Critical Reading and Writing (CRW), including at least one in English;
  • Two courses in Mathematics/Statistics;
  • Two courses in each of two Sciences other than Mathematics/Statistics.

When you have completed the form, see the undergraduate officer in your intended department for advice and signature. The signed form must then be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

Some majors are competitive for a limited number of placements. Students seeking admission to departments with special admission regulations must apply for admission on the appropriate departmental Application for Admission form after completing the specified admission requirements.

It is important that you declare a major (or an honours) early in your program:

  • Departments monitor the progress of their declared majors but not the progress of undeclared students
  • Some courses have preferential registration for declared majors
  • If you do not declare a major, you could lose out on scholarships and awards

If you are a student beyond first year, please declare your major! It is a painless process, and you are always free to change your major later. If you are unsure of what degree program to study, the Academic Advising Centre can help you develop an academic plan.