Technical Services

Technical Services is a unit of the VP Research offering a wide range of Biomedical, Electronic, and Mechanical services to the Memorial University community. There are dedicated on-site technologists and craftspeople in the Health Sciences building serving the Faculty of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy and Animal Care, and provide additional services through other shops throughout the campus.

Technical Services is an ISO9001:2008 Registered organization, and committed to ensuring high quality work and continual improvement.  

Services Offered

Biomedical and Clinical Equipment Servicing 

Technical Services team of highly trained and experienced biomedical technologists and craftsmen provides a range of repair and maintenance services including:

  • Servicing of state of the art research equipment and machinery, as well as repair and maintenance of older equipment.
  • Servicing of patient-applied medical equipment used in teaching facilities, clinical research and patient clinics, including sharpening and repair of surgical instruments.
  • Biosafety cabinet and fume hood testing, certification and repair
  • Calibration of balances, scales and pipettes
  • Maintenance of electronic patient simulators
  • Cleaning and repair of microscopes
  • Refrigeration equipment servicing and repair
  • Maintenance of autoclaves
  • Decontamination of equipment prior to reuse or disposal

Other Services

  • Design and fabrication of experimental apparatus
  • Installation of new lab equipment and apparatus
  • Maintenance and repair of computer hardware and printers
  • Computer data recovery service available
  • Glassblowing
  • Supply of liquid nitrogen
  • Extensive prototyping, 3D printing, welding and machining capabilities
  • Manufacture of signs, awards, plaques, etc. using our state of the art waterjet machine

Technical Services maintains equipment repair and inventory records to meet internal and external documentation requirements (for example for grant applications). If desired, technologists are also available to meet with faculty to consult regarding lab set up and equipment purchases.

Work Request

  • Complete work requisition form. Forms are available in paper copy at Technical Services in rooms H3111 or H3116 or in electronic copy (pdf) from the Technical Services website.
  • Submit completed and signed form by hand, mail or fax to contact detailed below or scan and email to

No fees charged for most work completed in HSC shops for medical school, nursing or pharmacy. If additional charges apply, estimates will be provided in advance;  labour rates are highly competitivefor faculty and researchers.

Computer repairs and data recovery completed for students in our computer shop charged at $65/h; estimates provided in advance.


Technical Services, Health Sciences Shop
Room H3111 and H3116
Phone: 777-2800 or 777-7285
Fax: 777-6534 or 777-6111

HSC Shop Staff

Dave Edwards Electronics Technologist
Shop Supervisor
Doug Osmond  Electronics Technologist 864-4972
Jamal Tinkov Electronics Technologist  864-6035
Chris Connors Machinist
Shop Supervsisor
Chris Power Machinist  864-4943

Department Contacts

Rick Meaney, P. Eng.,      
Director 864-8712 
Jennifer Murray, P. Eng.,
Electronics Division 864-8714
Dennis Cramm, P. Eng.,
Mechanical Division 864-4735