Information for Preceptors

Learning Objectives for Core Rotations

Preceptors should be familiar with the learning objectives for their discipline. Refer to the online curriculum map CBlue (select Core Experiences course, then your discipline) or contact the administrative staff in your discipline. 

Clinical Teaching

Preceptors are responsible for providing students with clinical experiences in their discipline as well as the opportunity to perform mandatory procedures.  

Undergraduate medical learners must be appropriately supervised at all times to ensure patient and learner safety. The level of responsibility delegated to learners must take into account their level of training, and the level of supervision must take into account their level of entrustability and competence.


Assessment for Core Experiences is based on the Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA) framework. Preceptors should be aware of the EPAs assessed within their discipline.

EPA Information (including EPA lists for each discipline)

Assessment methods
  • Clinic eCards
    • Used for daily or weekly formative assessment, based on EPAs.
    • Instructions for completion
  • In-Training Assessment Reports (ITARs)
    • Used for formative and summative assessment, based on EPAs.
    • Learners are assessed using two milestones: pre-entrustable (not yet worthy of entrustment to perform the activity without direct supervision) and entrustable (worthy of entrustment to perform activity without direct supervision). The expected behaviours for pre-entrustable and entrustable can be found in the EPA assessment section.
    • Comments are required on ITARs to provide details regarding the trustworthiness of the learner.
  • Mini-clinical evaluation exercise (mini-CEX)
    • Assessment of learner’s performance completing a history and physical of a patient in clinical setting.

It is the responsibility of the preceptor to complete student assessment in a timely manner. Summative assessment (ITARs) should be completed within four weeks after the last day of the rotation.

The formative and summative assessments for each discipline are listed in the respective assessment plans.