Global Health Office


The Global Health Office supports global health teaching and learning in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and graduate programs in the Division of Community Health and Humanities. As part of the philosophy of social accountability in the Faculty of Medicine, the Global Health Office facilitates service learning, research, and experiential opportunities that enhance knowledge about the relationship between health and social justice. Support and strategic advice to the Global Health Office is provided by the Global Health Advisory Committee. 

Goals and activities of the Global Health Office

The goals of the Global Health Office include:

  • Identifying and promoting safe and ethical training and research experiences in low resource and underserved communities;
  • Promoting educationally rich training and research experiences in clinical and public health, guided by broader program objectives of sustainability, capacity building, health advocacy, social accountability, and a commitment to excellence;
  • Ensuring minimal demand on the resources of the receiving community, maximum program sustainability and fair partnership arrangements at training sites.

For students
The Global Health Office provides interested medical students and residents with opportunities for educationally sound, ethical, sustainable and safe learning experiences in underserved communities and low income countries. The office assists students so they are prepared for the cultural, political, institutional and educational differences they might find as they work and learn in a low resource location. The Global Health Office also contributes to curriculum development and delivery on global health issues.

For faculty members
Workshops and rounds about global health give faculty members an opportunity to gain a broader understanding of global health issues. The Global Health Office also provides information to support research in international settings and holds regular educational events such as the Global Health Speaker Series for the academic community and general public.

For more information about the Global Health Office, the Global Health Advisory Committee and offered educational events, please visit the Global Health Office website or contact the Global Health Co-ordinator Dr. Jill Allison.