The Purchasing Office is part of the Administrative Services of the Faculty of Medicine and located in room M2M300.

Questions regarding purchasing can be forwarded to the Purchasing Supervisor in the office of Finance, M2M300 or by phone at 864-6339.

For more information on purchasing, refer to the following policies and procedures:

Purchasing Options

The following purchasing options are available:

Petty Cash

Procurement Card

Purchase Orders

Direct Pay

  • Available only if a purchase order is not accepted by a supplier and only for authorized items.
  • See Procedure to Use Direct Pay for more information. 
  • Direct Pay Form

When to Obtain Quotations

Regulations regarding quotations or tenders for purchases are outlined in the Purchasing Procedures-Generaldocument. 
Retention of Records

It is the responsibility of each unit to sufficiently document each purchase in order to provide audit evidence of their compliance to the Purchasing policy and related procedures. This evidence must be retained for a period of the previous six fiscal years plus the current fiscal year.

Computer Purchases

For inquiries on all computer purchases, contact the Health Sciences Information and Media Services (HSIMS). 


Faculty members within the Faculty of Medicine may avail of the Easter Health in-house store (MPD) to purchase items available through Material Procurement Department (MPD), located on the first floor of the Health Sciences Centre, to purchase medical supplies (e.g. paper towel, gloves, tubes and other hospital items).

Internal requisition forms (available in the Office of Finance, M2M300) are used to order from MPD and must be submitted to the Office of Finance.