Learner Progress and Comprehensive Review

  • The UGME office collates all summative assessments throughout the Core Experiences course and prepares an assessment summary for each student at 6, 9 and 12 months. Both EPA-based and non EPA-based assessments (e.g. progress test scores) are part of the assessment summary.
    • ​Learners need to receive entrustable in at least two summative assessments for an EPA to be considered entrustable (block-rotation based streams).
    • Learners’ progress of receiving entrustability in the majority of EPAs within individual rotations is also monitored (block-rotations based streams).
  • The EPA assessment table outlines the number of assessments per EPA and the number of EPA assessments per discipline.
  • Learners not meeting the criteria outlined in the Core Experiences Assessment Plan are discussed at the respective comprehensive review meeting.
  • Any concerns regarding a learner’s academic performance or professionalism may also be brought forward by the Discipline Coordinator during the regular progress meetings, in addition to the scheduled comprehensive review meetings.