Supervisor Responsibilities

A supervisor in the research curriculum is expected to

  • Provide guidance for the development and completion of the medical learner research project.
    • Depending on the learner's prior research experience, more hands-on guidance may be required to ensure successful completion of the research project.
    • Learners may work in small groups (2-3 students) on the same project. 
  • ​Help the learner identify a project that is small and manageable. The goal is to learn about the research process; collecting sufficient data for publication is not a requirement.
    • Learners may participate in existing research projects.
    • Learners may complete a rapid review or contribute to other types of review.
  • Review drafts provided by the learner.
    • This is especially important if an application to the human ethics review board is required for the project. 
  • Assess the learner's deliverable in each phase and submit mark to the UGME office by the due date. Assessment rubrics are provided by the UGME office.
    • If you are unable to submit your mark by the specified due date (e.g. due to travel), please contact
    • Deliverables: 
      • ​Phase 1: literature review
      • Phase 2: research proposal
      • Phase 3: report on data collection and analysis
  • ​​Communicate and meet with the learner as required. Ideally learner and supervisor should communicate once a month.
    • Supervisor and learner should review the checklist provided in each phase outlining the requirements and due dates.​