Classroom Teaching

Phase 1 schedule
Phase 2 schedule
Phase 3 schedule

Key points for teaching faculty

  • Lectures are limited to 50 minutes even if they are scheduled as an one-hour block. Students are entitled to a 10 minute break after each 50 minutes of lecture.   
  • For any questions related to the teaching schedule or if you are unable to teach your lecture, contact or 864-6305
  • For issues or questions regarding any of the classroom technology, call HSIMS at 864-6000 or 864-6017. 
  • Your lecture should cover the learning objectives stated for that session. The learning objectives for each session are listed in the online curriculum map at
  • Email your finalized lecture to to make it available to the students.  
  • You are required to submit exam questions for your taught session(s) to You may use questions from previous years; however you need to confirm the questions are still appropriate and correctly mapped to the learning objectives. 

Teaching Resources

Lecturing 101

Teaching and Learning Methods

Principles of Adult Learning