Graduate Studies Governance

Overall responsibility for Graduate Studies at Memorial University lies with the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. The Office of Research and Graduate Studies manages the graduate programs in the Faculty of Medicine under the direction of the Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies (Medicine). This is done in collaboration with the division of BioMedical Sciences; the division of Community Health and Humanities; Clinical Epidemiology and the discipline of Human Genetics. 

The Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies (Medicine) represents the Faculty of Medicine in all academic matters concerning the School of Graduate Studies and has a major responsibility for the education and preparation of graduate students and post-doctoral scholars. The Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies (Medicine) acts as the academic unit head for graduate studies and as graduate officer for the Faculty of Medicine.

Program Administration

Day-to-day administration of the individual graduate programs is provided by a Program Co-ordinator in consultation with the faculty members within each of the program areas and in liaison with the Assistant Dean, Research and Graduate Studies (Medicine). Each program is represented by a Program Co-ordinator who is selected by the faculty members within the program.

Responsibilities of Program Co-ordinators:

  • Informing the Assistant Dean of the details of their graduate areas (changes in requirements, courses, new members etc.)
  • Participating as members of the Graduate Studies Curriculum Committee
  • Reviewing graduate student applications and recommending admission. 

Graduate Studies Curriculum Committee

The Graduate Studies Curriculum Committee of the Faculty of Medicine includes the Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies (Medicine) (chair); the program coordinators; Associate Dean, BioMedical Sciences; Associate Dean, Community Health and Humanities and a representative from the Medical Graduate Student Society. The Graduate Studies Curriculum Committee is a sub-committee of the Faculty Council and makes recommendations for changes in areas of concentration and course offerings. The committee may also make recommendations to the School of Graduate Studies for modifications in Graduate Studies policies at the University.