Facilities Management

Facilities Management and Infrastructure Support are managed slightly differently in the Faculty of Medicine as facilities are shared with Eastern Health. The Faculty of Medicine has a Shared Services Agreement with Eastern Health so a number of services are provided for a management fee. 

All facilities management requests and issues in the Faculty of Medicine are managed by the Facilities Co-ordinator. The Facilities Co-ordinator is responsible for all academic areas in the Health Sciences Centre as well as the Medical Education Centre and the Craig L. Dobbin Genetics Research Centre.

Faculty members shoud contact the Facilities Co-ordinator for

  • Eastern Health and Facilities Management work requests such as housekeeping, maintenance, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (please specify the room number, as indicated on the door frame, for all requests)
  • Non-Maintenance Request Form
  • Stores Inventory Request Form
  • Inquiries related to snow clearing, parking and security
  • Toner cartridge recycling
  • Coordination of shredding services
  • Freezer alarm system

The Facilities Co-ordinator can be contacted via email at pdjones@mun.ca or by phone at 864-6424. Work requests should be submitted via email and the Facilities Co-ordinator will prepare all necessary forms.