What Job Evaluation Is and Is Not

• Job evaluation is a complete review of a position. It looks only at the work done by the position. It does not consider the individual in the position as it isn’t about performance of the individual, but the work necessary for the position.

• Job evaluation considers the contribution of the position to the overall organization, not a measure of the performance of the person in the position.

• Job evaluation is used as a measure to ensure internal equity of positions - that positions of relative contribution are compensated consistently, not a measure of salary competitiveness outside of the organization.

• Job evaluation considers the contribution of the position internal to the organization, not how others measure the contribution of similar positions to their organization.

• Job evaluation is a process that involves several components and related factors, not a manual with check boxes to finalize a rating.

• Job evaluation involves ongoing consultation and participation between the employee, supervisors and representatives from the Department of Human Resources. It is not one person in human resources making a final decision on the position without consultation.