Mission, Vision, Values and Principles


The Department of Human Resources contributes to the success of Memorial University and its administrators and employees through leadership, service and excellence in human resource management.



To be highly respected for the quality of advice and service we provide as we work:

• to collaborate and build capacity in human resource management

• to recognize the unique needs of clients

• to contribute to the success of the university


Core values and principles

Strategically focused

We advance Memorial University’s mission by thinking and acting in the best interests of the organization and the workforce; in particular, when developing policies and programs and delivering services.


We are dedicated to quality, excellence and continuous improvement. We work to ensure the university remains competitive in its human resources management policies and practices by actively seeking and developing best practices, methods and approaches.


We adhere to high professional standards of quality, competency and conduct. We act with honesty and integrity. We anticipate and are proactive, collegial and collaborative in our work. We remain current in professional practice; we are fair and equitable.


We are considerate, thoughtful and engaged in manner and approach. We exercise the considered judgement of a trusted advisor.


We are accessible and answer to stakeholders for results in accordance with policies, standards, commitments and principles. We document, measure and report performance and evaluate program effectiveness.


We enhance the ability of stakeholders to function independently by developing policies, programs, processes, tools and technologies with sustainability and self-service in mind.


We balance requests to share information clearly and openly while respecting the security of confidential and personal information entrusted to the department.