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Department of Human Resources
Memorial University of Newfoundland
230 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John's campus
Fourth floor, Arts & Administration Building, A-4023B
St. John's, NL, Canada
A1C 5S7

General HR Email addresses

Employment Equity:


Position Phone Number (709) area code Office
All general inquiries must be directed to MyHR 864-2434 A4023B 
MyHR Fax  864-2700  
Interim Director, Emily Wooley 864-4615 A4031
Associate Director, Mary Barron 864-4615 A4032
Manager, Benefits and Pensions, Glen Roberts  864-2745  A4025
Manager, Senior Leadership Recruitment, Kim Blanchard 864-4557  A4039
Manager, HR Client and Advisory Services, Roxanne Jackson  864-7400 A4032A
Manager, MyHR and HR Technology, Jennine Loder 864-3744 A4030
Manager, Payroll, Kelly Martin 864-4583 A4023F
Manager, Policy and Organizational Effectiveness, Michael Kielly  864-8364  A-4043 
Manager, Human Resources, Facilities Management, Sheneen Young  864-4558  FM2027C 
Manager, Human Resources, Faculty of Medicine, Janet Norman  864-6280 Medicine
Manager, Human Resources, Grenfell Campus, Jennifer Watton 637-6237 Grenfell
Manager, Human Resources, Marine Institute, Marsha Hiscock 778-0490 MI
Team Lead, HR Technology, Krista Spencer 864-6746  A4038 
Team Lead, MyHR, Susan Janes 864-6199 A4023D
Human Resources Advisor. Alex King  864-7408 A4035
Human Resources Advisor, Erica Follett 864-3570 A4034
Human Resources Advisor, Sharmila Ratnam  864-6255 A4037
Human Resources Advisor, Rachel Blundon  864-4782 A4033
Senior Job Design and Evaluation Consultant, Laura Chapman 864-7405 A4038
Job Evaluation Consultant, Guy Barnable    Remote 
Administrative Staff Specialist III, Nicole Dunne 864-3074 A4044
Benefits and Pensions Analyst, Jim Price 864-4619 A4025C
Employment Equity Officer, Mandy Penney 864-2548 A4030
Ergonomist, Erin Bradbury 864-2918 SN1098
HR Consultant    
HR Consultant, Mahmud Reza 864-7401 A4041
Information Management Administrator, Jessica Efford 864-2921 A4048
Information Management Administrator, Katie Giovannini 864-4627 A4048
Senior Communications Advisor, Melissa Watton  864-2531 A4045
Senior HR Consultant, Shauna Quinlan 864-2926 A4042
Senior Payroll Officer, Jean Rickert 864-4797 A4023E
Systems Analyst, Kimberley Slaney 864-2072 A4023A
Systems Analyst (Payroll), Clodie Deschenes 864-2741 A4023E
Systems Analyst (Pension), Blair Rodgers 864-2073 A4025
Employee Assistance Program 1-800-387-4765