Work Hours

The standard work week is either 35 or 40 hours, depending on your position and the area in which you work, and the work week is considered as starting at 00:01 on Monday to the following Sunday at 24:00 hours. Your specific daily start and end time should be discussed with your supervisor. The scheduled work week may be varied by the university to allow for summer hours, to meet emergencies or during unusual situations.

Summer hours start on the first Monday of June in each year and continue for 13 weeks. For employees who normally work 35 hours per week, summer hours are reduced to 32.5 hours per week.

All employees are permitted a 20-minute break during the first half of each work day or shift, at a time scheduled or approved by the supervisor and/or manager of the position.

Hours off on approved leave with pay are considered as hours worked. 

Memorial University has a variety of leave options for employees to assist with work-life balance, illness, injury, various life changes and to support the overall employment experience. For specific details on each leave option, please consult the Leave Administration policy or the relevant collective agreement