FAQs for Administrators

1. I want access to Banner HR.

Complete the Banner Access Application form available at https://www.mun.ca/banner/. Submit the completed form with appropriate departmental authorization and other required signatures to myhr@mun.ca.

2. I am having trouble entering or approving leave for the employees in my unit.

There are job aids and frequently asked questions located here for those responsible for keying and approving leave. If you are still having trouble, please contact Kim Slaney at (709) 864-2072.

3. I need the shortcut keys to use Banner.

Access the Keyboard Shortcuts document on our website.

4.  I want to request a report or other information from Banner HR

Send your request to kimberls@mun.ca.

  • Indicate the purpose for the report
  • Criteria (i.e. what data do you need to see on this report)
  • Type of report
    • New
    • Existing (if yes, please provide the name of the report provided to you)
  • Frequency:
    • Regular bi-weekly or monthly
    • Ad-hoc (one time)
  • Format:
    • PDF
    • Excel
  • Date required

5.  I have a Banner account but am having trouble accessing it.

Please contact Kim Slaney at (709) 864-2072 or by email at kimberls@mun.ca.

6. I forgot my Banner password. How do I get it?

If you have forgotten your password, please visit Memorial’s Banner 9 webpage (www.mun.ca/banner/transitioning-to-banner-9/banner-9-login/). Once on this page, click on the words “Banner 9 login” and choose the forgot password option. You will need to enter your username and hit submit.

7.  I want to hire a new employee.

When you are considering hiring a new non-teaching employee, it is always a good idea to consult your HR advisor/manager early in the process. Their expertise can help you to review your organizational structure, and support you through the entire process. There are slightly different requirements depending on whether you intend to pursue establishing a new position, filling an existing vacancy, or wish to hire someone in a short-term contractual capacity. In either case, you must complete the Request to Fill Form which is found in the portal, under HR Forms. If you wish to establish a new position, this portion of the process must be completed, with proof of Vice-Presidents Council authorization before completing the form; it is necessary to include a copy of the VPC approval form when submitting the Request to Fill form. If you intend to fill a vacancy for six months or greater, the appropriate Vice-President must authorize before we will proceed. Professional vacancies of six months or longer than thirteen weeks in the case of support positions must be advertised, either internally or externally. Short-term vacancies for less than the periods noted do not necessarily have to be advertised. No hire process will be started without receipt of the fully completed Request to Fill form and Justification for Hire form as required. If you have questions around the process, please contact MyHR at (709) 864-2434 or, if you are a Memorial employee at the Faculty of Medicine, Marine Institute or Grenfell Campus, you can connect with the HR representative on site.

8.  I want to request a contract extension for one of my employees.

Consult with your  to ensure you are making the most appropriate decision around whether to extend a contract, or for how long. Remember that employees hired in a short-term contract that met the criteria to not advertise will reach a point where the position must be advertised (extended beyond 13 weeks); in this case, the Department of Human Resources will advise you of this action. It is important to remember that you should request an extension action well before the contract end date to ensure that if the position has to be advertised, the employee will not be adversely affected. Submit the fully completed Request to Fill Form to request the contract extension. Extensions for six months or greater will require the authorization of the appropriate Vice-President, using the Justification for Hire form. Also note that any contract or extended contract that reaches the sixth month of service will make the employee eligible to enroll in the benefits and pensions plans. If you have questions around the process, please contact MyHR at (709) 864-2434 or, if you are a Memorial employee at the Faculty of Medicine, Marine Institute or Grenfell Campus, you can connect with the HR representative on site.

9.  I need to request a temporary assignment or extension to an existing temporary assignment.

Consult with your  to ensure you are meeting the requirements of the Compensation Policy and the CUPE or NAPE Collective Agreement when determining whether it is appropriate to request a temporary assignment for an employee. A temporary assignment can be either additional remuneration paid out at a percentage of the employee’s current salary, or can involve the placement of an employee into a vacant position at 100% capacity for a short period of time. It is recommended that you discuss the appropriate option with your HR Advisor to ensure you are taking the most appropriate action. When you opt to take an employee from one position and place them in another on a temporary basis, the compensation is contingent to the Compensation Policy. Note that when you want to place a person into a position on a temporary basis for more than 13 weeks (support positions) or 1 year (professional positions), the positions affected will need to be advertised. Reference the policy for more information. Submit the fully completed Request to Fill form to request all temporary assignments.

10.  Changes in my departmental operations are indicating that I would like to request a new permanent position in my unit.  How can I request a new permanent position?

Requesting a new permanent position occurs in two circumstances.  (1) To establish a brand new permanent position, or (2) if you have a position that is currently contractual and you wish to have it converted to permanent. Please refer to the policy for Establishment of Permanent Positions and its associated procedure. In the case of the NAPE 3-year or CUPE 5-year rules on position status the collective agreement will prevail.

11.  How do I know if a CUPE or NAPE contractual position should be made permanent in reference to the Collective Agreement Articles on contractual appointment status?

Complete the Request for Position History Review form and submit to MyHR. We will complete a full position audit and confirm for you whether the employee and/or the contractual position have become eligible for permanent status. Questions about the process in general may be referred to your Human Resources advisor or manager or in Medicine this process is managed by your HR Manager.

12.  I need to report an accident or injury.

Environmental Health and Safety administers the process for reporting accidents and injuries. It is your responsibility as the administrator for your department to ensure the Accident/Injury Report form is completed in a timely manner and submitted to the Department of Health and Safety for processing. Upon notification from the Deparment of Health and Safety, the Department of Human Resources will complete the necessary documentation for Workplace NL. The Department of Human Resources will then be notified of approved claims and those resulting in time missed from work for an employee will be processed accordingly.

13.  What should I do when an employee has been sick for two or more work weeks and I feel he or she may potentially be moving toward LTD?

Benefits eligible employees are provided with detailed information from myhr@mun.ca regarding onboarding and additional options for group insurance enrollment upon eligibility. The employee is provided with a link to their onboarding content and direction regarding forms requirements and information on how to contact MyHR with questions as they are going through the content. The email also provides a link to the Employee Benefits guide and other important group insurance information regarding the long term disability plan. However, it is good practice for you as the department administrator to remind them of this information, the long term disability plan and 60 day qualifying period. The department administrator must also ensure sick leave is entered into Banner promptly as this notifies Human Resources of potential LTD status for follow up with the unit.  

You are the first person to know when one of your employees is approaching a period of potentially long term illness. Be pro-active and let us know that this person may need us to correspond with them about the LTD application process. Typically, an employee will no longer be paid once they have reached the 61st calendar day of absence due to illness. To avoid potential overpayment, It is important that we start the process sooner rather than later. The Department of Human Resources will issue an LTD application package with a letter of explanation to the affected employee as soon as we become aware of potential eligibility (normally triggered when the employee has been off work for two or more consecutive weeks due to illness). If you are notified of a sudden illness or injury and you suspect the employee may be a candidate for long term benefits, you should let us know immediately. It is important that you provide us with all relevant information in terms of the employee’s absence and/or return to work. A very important part of this process is to ensure you have updated Banner HR with employee leave data in a timely manner, and that you have authorized the updates – our reports only reflect authorized entries. Contact us for more information or to provide information related to potential LTD action. Questions relative to an employee’s absence or return to work plan should be directed to your HR advisor or manager.