Wellness brown bag lunch and learn series

Sep 23rd, 2016

Melissa Watton

Wellness brown bag lunch and learn series

Employee Wellness, Department of Human Resources, is pleased to offer a monthly Brown Bag Lunch and Learn Series during fall 2016.

Wellness Consultant Kathleen Wall is encouraging people to register early.

Ms. Wall said, "Employee Wellness is pleased to offer the Wellness Brown Bag Lunch and Learn Series again this fall. These sessions have become popular as they provide relevant  and helpful information. I encourage employees to register early for any of the the sessions they wish to attend."

Below is a listing and description of each session. To accommodate lunch schedules, sessions will be repeated twice on each date offered (12–12:50 p.m. and 1-1:50 p.m.). These sessions will be facilitated by counsellors provided by Shepell-fgi, Memorial's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider.

To reserve a seat at any of the sessions, please email Ms. Wall at kwall@mun.ca.  

Boosting your positive outlook

Monday, Oct. 24

Location: A-2065

Consistently focusing on the negative side of an issue can greatly contribute to stress. When thinking this way, physical changes take place in the body’s chemistry increasing stress levels that can affect performance and well-being. This session will help participants understand the ways in which this seemingly automatic negative thinking can occur, recognize its typical manifestations and develop a process for tackling negative thoughts effectively.

Care for the caregiver

Monday, Nov. 21

Location: A-2065

The role of caregiver, while often rewarding, can also take a tremendous toll on individuals both emotionally and physically. It is critical that caregivers look after themselves as well as the person in their care. This principle is particularly important for members of the sandwich generation who are juggling both elder and child care responsibilities. Whether participants are already caring for an aging family member or plan to take on this role in the future, this session will provide important information for them to consider.

Getting a restful sleep

Monday, Dec. 12

Location: TBA

Sleep is critical to ensure maximum productivity. It increases your ability to concentrate and focus, allows you to approach challenges with a more positive attitude and can have positive effects on your memory and health. In this session, participants will learn about circadian rhythms and the impact that disrupting these key biological processes can have on their day-to-day activities and work. This session will also describe sleep’s vital role in maintaining health along with valuable and practical tips and strategies that participants can apply to get quality, restful sleep and stay alert.