Joint Leadership in Learning Award presented to two Memorial employees

Jul 16th, 2015

Melissa Watton

Joint Leadership in Learning Award presented to two Memorial employees

At the annual conference of the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) held in June, Memorial’s Director of Financial and Administrative Services, Deborah Collis, and the university’s Director of Academic Support Services, Roxanne Millan, were jointly awarded with a Leadership in Learning Award.

Both Ms. Collis and Ms. Millan are long-term CAUBO volunteers. Ms. Collis is a past member and chair of the CAUBO Finance Committee while Ms. Millan currently chairs the Academic Managers Committee. Together, Ms. Collis and Ms. Millan are credited with significantly contributing to the success of CAUBO's fall 2014 Higher Education Budgeting Basics workshop. For the workshop, they played a key role in content customization and delivery and they added value to the workshop by integrating the Canadian context, sharing their own experiences, and bringing a national awareness of the topic to the discussion.

 Ms. Collis said, “I always enjoy volunteering with CAUBO initiatives and was thrilled to receive this recognition jointly with Roxanne. Over the years, I have attended workshops that have been informative and helpful to me in my role; I am glad that we were able to help organize a workshop this past year that benefitted others.”

“Being recognized by peers and receiving the Leadership in Learning Award has been an honour,” said Ms. Millan. “It is great to know that the participants of the workshop we helped organize last fall found it to be beneficial to them and the work that they do.” 

CAUBO is a non-profit professional organization representing the interest of administrative and financial officers in Canadian universities and affiliated colleges. The organization promotes and supports professional management and effective leadership in the administrative affairs of Canadian universities and colleges. The CAUBO Recognition Awards celebrate and honour volunteers who promote excellence, collaboration, leadership and information sharing in the field of higher education administration in Canada.