Electronic tax forms

Jan 14th, 2015

Melissa Watton

Electronic tax forms

The Department of Human Resources is pleased to offer employees and retirees the opportunity again this year to sign-up and receive their T4 and T4A information electronically. 

If you haven’t already signed up to receive your tax forms electronically, you can do so by logging on to self-service and giving consent (instructions can be found by following this link: https://channels.mun.ca/dasher/ESS/electronicT4.php). With this function, employees and retirees are able to view and, if necessary, print T4s or T4As once they are available.  

Tax forms for 2014 will be distributed by the end of February 2015. If you have opted to receive your tax forms electronically, you may be able to view and print your forms before this deadline date. Employees and retirees who do not consent to electronic tax forms will receive T4s and T4As in the mail by the end of February. 

Last year more than 2,500 people at Memorial chose to receive their tax information electronically. If you opted for this method last year, you will receive your information electronically again this year.  

All employees are encouraged to do their part in assisting with this initiative which supports sustainability and efficiency within the university.